What to Bring & Wear

Just passing by on the way to the beach or the city? No worries, you’ll be fine here in your street shoes or your sandals. There’s plenty to see and do in the Center and on the immediate surrounding trails and overlooks without any strenuous activity or special terrain.

If you’re planning to explore the trails a bit, we’d suggest good sturdy shoes or boots. No matter what the season, it is good advice to bring a water bottle and some snacks as well as personal safety items.

During the summer it’s rarely super hot, but you still might be inclined to wade or swim in the river. We’re air conditioned on those very hot days, so come on in and cool off.

Suggested Outdoor Gear:

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • A rain coat and warm layers

In the winter there is one major common denominator: rain. Lots of it - 120 inches on average. So, if you like to stay dry, you’re going to have to be prepared. We do get infrequent snow in December, January and February, but never very much and it rarely stays for more than a few days. We’re located at about 500 feet above sea level, and only 22 miles from the Coast. Still, the Wilson River Highway can be frosty on winter mornings.

Other things to consider if you might use the Center as a jump off point for exploring the forest: binoculars, guide books, map, compass, GPS, first aid kit.

Something else to know: There is no cellular phone coverage in this area. Eastbound on Highway 6 the cell phone signal ends as you enter the Wilson River Canyon around milepost 6. Westbound, signals end around milepost 41 near the Gales Creek Shell Station, which is also, incidentally, the only stop for gas on Highway 6 between Forest Grove and Tillamook.

Payphones are available at the Tillamook Forest Center during operating hours and nearby at Lees Camp store on Highway 6.