Deck the halls, and your holiday tree, with one of our unique ornaments this holiday season. Each keepsake will be sure to remind you of joyous adventures in the Tillamook State Forest for years to come.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Tillamook Forest Center!

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Snowy Tree Ornament

Decorate your tree with a tree! This handmade ornament will help ensure you remember your visits to the center for years to come. $9.95

Black Bear Ornament

A safe way to see a bear in the forest. Add this cute, handmade ornament to your tree this year. $9.95

Elk Ornament

Brighten your tree with a handmade ornament depicting one of the Tillamook's more popular residents. $9.95

Eagle Ornament

Did you catch a glimpse of a bald eagle during your visit to the Tillamook State Forest? Remember the excitement of that sight with a handmade ornament for your tree. $9.95

TFC Handmade Ornament

Our custom ornament features the bridge, building, lookout tower, and the steam donkey! Handmade lin Salem, Oregon. 3 inches in diameter. Choose from green, red, lavender, cobalt, or light blue. $11.95

Smokey Bear Ornament

Continue sharing Smokey's message of wildfire safety through the holiday season with this adorable Smokey Bear ornament. $9.95

Tree Puzzle Ornament

Brainteaser puzzle and ornament all in one with this wooden tree ornament made in the USA. $10.95

Banana Slug Ornament

No Christmas tree in the Pacific Northwest is complete without this fancy, glitter banana slug ornament. Measuring 6 inches long, it's just as big as some of the ones you'll find out in the forest. $14.95