Exploring the outdoors and engaging with nature has proven benefits for kids of all ages. Encourage the curiosity in your young nature explorer, and help them enjoy the outdoors with one of these great toys.

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Kaleidoscope & My Little Museum

Explore, create, and play! Encourage outdoor exploration with the Kaleidoscope or My Little Museum to view and display your unique, nature finds. $9.95 (Kaleidoscope) $16.95 (My Little Museum)

Audubon Bird Call

Produce realistic songbird songs with this pocket bird call made in the USA. $6.95

Duck Call

Create authentic duck sounds with this 5-inch, simple design, wooden duck call. $7.95

Wood Teething Rattles

A natural gift for little ones. These handcrafted wood rattles are made in Oregon using sustainably-harvested native hardwoods. Each rattle is sanded smooth and finished with a non-toxic beeswax finish; a safe and natural alternative to plastic toys. $16.95


Look and see like a bug! Available in mantis or ant, these goggles include moveable, prismatic lenses for a real bug's eye view. Recommended for ages 4 and up. $11.95

Night Sky Projection Kit

Transform your bedroom into a starry night sky with this amazing cardboard star projector! This kit includes a 4.5 inch diameter lamp, star charts, and more. $15.95

Clean Water Science Kit

Perfect for young science enthusiasts, this kit demonstrates three interesting water science experiments. Kit includes a plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock, and filter paper, along with detailed instructions. $16.95

Solar Print Kit

Combine art and science while creating exciting solar prints. Each kit includes twelve pieces of solar paper sheets, two print frame holders, three blank notecards with envelopes (great for sending to friends and family!) and detailed instructions. $15.95

Color & Go

Excellent for the on go creativity and fun! Includes 18 North American wilderness inspired coloring pages and 10 color markers. $8.95

Explorer Telescope & Optic Wonder

Check out these toys designed to explore new worlds. A great introduction to astronomy, use the Explorer Telescope for a view of distant objects. Or pick up a pocket-sized Optic Wonder with features including binoculars, magnifying glass, compass, and more! $19.95 & $10.95

Nite Hiker

Keep your hands free while this headlamp lights the way through the dark. Features an adjustable headband and a padded front cushion for extra comfort. Perfect for the kids on your next camping trip in the Tillamook State Forest! $7.95

Sports Binoculars

Great for outdoor discovery! These 4.5 inch binoculars come in red or blue and include a neck strap. Features 4x magnification power and center focus design. Recommended for ages 5 and up. $11.95

Log Cabin Playset

This classic log building set, using all wooden pieces, is handcrafted in the USA and comes packaged in a durable canvas bag. Includes 79 pieces. $21.95

Slug Finger Puppet

Gross out a friend or play out the roles of this forest decomposer in your own banana slug puppet show with this slug finger puppet. $2.95

Slug Stampede

This set of three, each 3-1/4" long, slugs are made of stretchy rubber that goes back to its original shape after you pull it. With a pleasant sticky, slimy feel, you’ll be reminded of an actual slug. $3.95

Train Pull Back

Travel back to a time when trains travelled through the Tillamook State Forest. Set it on the ground, pull back, and watch it go! Available in red, green, and orange. $8.95