Fill the pantry with delicious treats that connect you with the forest. Wild berry preserves, candies, chocolate, hazelnut delights, and even mushrooms! Squirrel away some treasures for the winter.

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Doug-fir Tip Tea

Made from the young spring needles of Douglas-fir, this light and lovely caffeine-free tea will surprise you. The citrus flavor gives way to the aroma of an evergreen forest which will transport you from your kitchen to the woods. 20 unbleached tea bags. Available in Douglas-fir and Douglas-fir & rosehips. $12.95


Delicious, locally-grown berries make incredible preserves. Choose from blackberry, huckleberry, marionberry, or coastal red huckleberry varieties in either a 12 oz or 2.5 oz jar. $4.95 (2.5 oz) and
$9.95 (12 oz)


The perfect topper for a pile of pancakes. Our locally-made syrup is sure to delight your family. 11 oz bottle available in blackberry, huckleberry, & marionberry. $8.95


Locally-made with Oregon berries, these viniagrette dressings make a great compliment to your favorite green salad. 14 oz bottle available in marionberry & huckleberry. $9.95


Unique forest treats in a lovely 5 oz jar. These jellies are a great addition to an appetizer or just on your morning toast. Available in elderberry, rosehip, & chokecherry. $5.50


Tea time! Three varieties to choose from. Elderberry and huckleberry varieties are a blend of ethically-sourced black Ceylon tea and natural flavors, while the rosehip variety is an herbal blend. 20 tea bags per tin. $7.95

Huckleberry Candy Stick

Traditional stick candy with a nature-inspired twist. Wild huckleberry flavor makes this 1 oz candy stick a treat. $0.95

Wilson River Chocolate Rocks

Rocks that you can eat! Always a hit with the kids, these chocolate rocks are similar to your favorite candy-covered chocolate, but much better! $2.25

Chocolate Slugs

The tastiest slug you've ever eaten! A perfect gift for your favorite nature lover. Delectible gourmet chocolate molded to look like a slug (no real slug included). Available in dark, milk, or white chocolate. $3.50

TFC Chocolate Bar

A delicious way to bring a piece of the Tillamook State Forest home. Each 4 ounce bar comes in either milk or dark chocolate wrapped in a custom wrapper that shares the Tillamook Forest Center story. Makes a great gift! $4.50


An incredible gift for the mushroom lover in your life. These dried, wild-foraged mushrooms, gathered from Oregon forests are a rare treat and a great addition to your favorite recipes. 1/2 oz package of Oregon porcini or chanterelle mushrooms available. $6.95

Huckleberry Caramel

Scrumptious, chewy caramel with a hint of huckleberry flavor. A decadent treat. 8 oz bag. $6.95

Jelly Beans

A great treat for the young (and young-at-heart). These delicious wild-flavored jelly beans will be an instant hit. Be sure to get more than one bag! 7 oz package of wild huckleberry or chokecherry flavor. $5.75

Hazelnut Oil

Made with premium Oregon hazelnuts, Laurel Hazelnut Oil is a healthy and delicious addition to your kitchen. Excellent for salad dressings, marinades, baked goods or even as an ice cream topping. $14.95

Huckleberry Taffy

A staff and customer favorite! This 12 oz bag of wild huckleberry flavored taffy makes a great gift (if you don't devour it first.) Be sure to get a bag to share. $6.95

Marionberry Gummy Cubs

Yummy, yummy, gummy! A 7 oz bag of marionberry-flavored gummy cubs is a great treat. Get some to share! $4.95