Wilson River Flood: November 6 & 7, 2006

Approximately 30" of rain fell on the Tillamook Forest Center between November 1st and the 7th bringing with it flooding and landslides. Though the Tillamook Forest Center remained high and dry during the flooding, the Wilson River showed its full force and fury. With slides closing Highway 6 to the west toward Tillamook and east toward Forest Grove, two stranded travelers joined two Oregon Department of Forestry staff members and a volunteer in an impromptu sleep-over on Monday, November 6. The help of several staff members from near-by South Fork Forest Camp allowed those stranded to get home on Tuesday.

Wilson river rages

A view of the Wilson River from the west side of the Tillamook Forest Center building.

River Overflowing the Banks

Standing on the banks of the Wilson River as it laps at the base of the suspension bridge.


Looking downstream from atop the bridge.


A look upstream to the east from the bridge.

River Overlook

Seen from the bridge this overlook is to the left (east) of the building.

Highway 6 debris

One of the many small landslides along Highway 6 that occurred on November 6th.

Fording a Stream

Returning to Forest Grove from the Tillamook Forest Center required drivers to ford several streams that developed over the highway.

Large Landslide

This large landslide coupled with many other small landslides closed the highway between November 6th and November 9th.