Discover & Learn

Center visitors can explore the past, present and future of the Tillamook State Forest through artifacts, personal stories, photos, film, exhibits, games, hands-on models, computer simulations, interpreter-led programs and other innovative media. Outdoors, the forest comes alive through salmon watching viewpoints, the bridge and lookout tower, and a network of interpretive trails that encourage visitors to consider the forest through the eyes of Native Americans, homesteaders, early loggers, firefighters, tree planters and future forest managers.

The exhibit plan covers five major thematic zones:

  • The Early Coast Range Forest, which explores the major forces that shaped the landscape and provides a glimpse of the forest before recorded history.
  • Early Life in the Tillamook considers how people shaped the forest and how the forest shaped early life, including the Tillamook and Calapuya Indians, early explorers, homesteaders, loggers and road builders.
  • The Tillamook Burn provides a first hand look at the power of fire and the long-term implications of the massive fires of the 1930s and 1940s. "Legacy of Fire," our compelling multi-media theater experience, puts you in the midst of fire.
  • The Hand Planted Forest recalls the challenges, determination, hard work and many personal stories from the tree planting years of the 1950s, 60s and early 1970s.
  • The Forest of Today and Tomorrow delves into the work of sustainable forestry today and puts you in a forester’s boots to consider decisions and their consequences for the future. Kids can climb inside a model stream and go eye-to-eye with Chinook salmon.

Programs are available to be scheduled for school groups either at the Center or in your classroom. Discovery kits are available for check out. And ongoing special events and programs offer a good reason to come back and see us.